Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good and bad news on the outset of new year

New laptop: ProBook

I was presented a new laptop some days ago (7 Jan). It is very nice and small and light but powerful. It takes a lot of time to install programs. I didn't know it until now. I am a kind of person who is used to being cared by other people :-). The presenter, anh, has to do most of the work for me. Installing, downloading and updating. Me? Just using it. The only negative thing we don't like is the noisy fan. However, we went to HP service center in Hanoi to ask them to replace it for us. The order is being processed as far as I know. So, I hope just before Tet holiday in Vietnam will I have a quiet fan. At that time my laptop must be extremely wonderful.

Bob's birthday

My son's birthday is on 14 January. It was celebrated three times: at home, with his father's family and with his mother's family. So wonderful when my family came to my place to join our small party for Bob. He was happy meeting and playing with his cousins. Pity that we could not invite his classmates to here. It is too cold. Maybe next year...

My department's personnel

There have been some changes in our department's management team. Three vices are about to resign soon. Two of them are my close colleagues. They are really competent and we don't know exactly why they are off. It seems that they are not high ranking leaders' favorites. So sad. I think our department will experience really difficult times soon.