Monday, January 24, 2011

Preparing Tet

These days streets in Hanoi are very crowded with people travelling shopping for Tet. I also participate in the traffic. I went shopping, mostly dried fruits, some sweets and biscuits, a box of wine (I can drink a little wine before going to bed). I go for a simple Tet, so I limit to some food and small quantities. Last year, I bought a small but nice orange tree, but this year I intend to buy maybe 10 tulips to decorate the living room. Otherwise I will use orchids. Talking about shopping, yesterday, we went to Grand Plaza. It is advertised to be a shopping centre for luxury and famous (expensive) brands. True. We could not buy anything except one gift for me. (I do not want to tell what it is). :-) However, I had a new experience: getting yoghurt-cream myself. It was the first time I did it, using the machine to pour cream into your cup and adding flavors you like. This plaza is somewhat the same as Vincom and Parkson: clean, not too crowded, expensive products. It is good for people like me to windowshop.

And an interesting piece of news came to me today. My present was made perfectly complete: not noisy AT ALL. I mean my HP Probook. It is really nice now. Finally. The service centre called me this morning and we brought it to them to have a new fan fixed. Free of charge, plus a free lunch :-) for me.