Monday, January 10, 2011

Cold Hanoi

These days people in Hanoi are struggling with one of the coldest periods of the year, around 10 degrees. I think it is the longest and coldest time in my life. It interrupts a bit our routine. Not getting up as early as alarm any more. :-). Anyhow, I have prepared for the fight against cold weather at the beginning of the winter by making sure we have enough warm clothes and warm blanket. Last year, I did not have to buy a cotton blanket. This year I did. My friend presented me a halogen heater to put in the study to keep me warm when working there. My son's room is equipped with a two-way air conditioner. So we don't mind if the temperature drops further below 10. :-) Joking. If it is too cold, people really don't like going out and life is so boring if you just stay in. As far as I know, during Tet holiday, Hanoi will be submerged in cold weather. I have a three week holiday. If the weather forecast is right, I will have to stay in and spend time preparing all kinds of tests for students my team are responsible for.