Saturday, May 30, 2009

The last week of academic year 2008 – 2009

In the last two weeks I haven’t taught a lot. They were weeks for students to revise, to do tests and for teachers to mark papers. However, marking is not always easy. Sometimes demanding and boring. Luckily, everything finished well.
This Wednesday, I attended a parent-teacher meeting at my son’s school. The teacher informed the school and class’s achievements. My son’s result was good. I felt really happy and proud of him. Maybe he is like me. I used to be my parents’ pride when I was at school. I intend to to teach him more English and ask him to practice handwriting during summer holiday.
A long holiday is comming. I make use of the free time now to do an additional job: translating. My colleague gave me more than 80 pages of a report in English and I have to finish in 2 weeks. This is the first time we have translated into Vietnamsese. The report is about impacts of climate change. I have to work late and use any available time I have. Now half of the workload has been completed. I often work at the dining table in the mini kitchen, facing the balcony. So much fresh air. (My son took this photo of me in the kitchen). By the way, my friend just gave me a wireless router. It took time to install it. It is much more complicated than expected to make it work. Poor me, not enough time for it. I will try later. When it works I can sit anywhere in the flat to work. (Of course, I like the dinning table facing the balcony).
Wow, what time now? 9.51. Time to go to bed and tomorrow is my first day of my holiday. I look forward to that.