Friday, May 8, 2009

A working week after the holiday

After the long long holiday, I came back to the routine work. However, I will not have to work very hard to then end of the month. This month is when teachers help students prepare for exams: revision tests, sample tests and oral tests. On Tuesday, I had a colleague's birthday party. When my colleagues (we do not see each other often because we have different teaching days) saw me, they had the same opinion that I looked fatter. Yes, I think I weigh at least 52 kilos now. We had a good time then.
Since Wednesday the weather in Hanoi has been not very pleasant: cloudy, a bit chilly and raining. Last night and today, it rained heavily. As a result, the road to my university is flooded. Terrible. Moreover, the power was cut off. The rooms were so dark. No teaching, no learning. I went home at 2 pm. The water almost went into the pipe.
A good piece of news today for me. An old student wrote an article for the university magazine about learning English at school. In the article, she praised me. How nice! She said her class liked me teaching them a lot. And she said some teachers (including me) taught with our heart and enthusiasm.
A bad piece of news. On the way home, I fell onto the road: A scrach on my left arm and some bruised patches on the legs. Poor me.