Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exam season and Summer holiday approaching

In two weeks, my work will be involved with just helping students to revise and marking paper tests. Not very tiring. After the long public holiday, I feel that time is flying. Exam season and summer holiday are approaching. Just two weeks to go, I can have a long long long holiday.
Last week, the weather was so strange. On the way home from work (about 10 km) I experienced raining and sunshine so often. Putting on the raincoat and taking it off and putting on the raincoat and taking it off. Again and again and again. Even I had to wear it in the sunshine once for a very short time. The sky was often cloudy. Whenever it rained, I was worried about the flood on the road leading to the university. A terrible road. You can not imagine. If it is sunny, the road is so dusty. If it is raining, the road is flooded. In addition, the road condition is so bad. Luckily, the 2.5 month holiday is coming. I hope that the road will be upgraded before the next school year starts.
From the balcony, I can see the red summer flowers blossoming. These flowers are associated with students' summer holiday. And they remind me of my old school years. I have a feeling of missing something. When we look back at our past, we are surprised that time goes so fast. However, I feel very proud of my passing years.
When writing these words I just remember two sentences: 'Live without regret' and 'Life is choice'. And a friend of mine wrote to me in a sms that life is full of surprises. The 3 sentences are really true to me (and true to many other people I think). I will soon talk about these sentences in my situation in the next entry of my blog.