Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life is ...

I intended to write this new entry later because I was going to a birthday party. But life is full of surprises, it is delayed. So time to continue my blog.
Live without regret and life is choice. When choosing a major to study, I decided to study English, although I was very good at maths, physics and chemistry at secondary school. I passed the entrance exam, went to university, graduated and found a job. Not very easy but I tried my best and I succeeded. English is more and more popular and necessary. So many people need it. I earned some money by teaching English when I was still a student. Not bad. After university, I chose my career as a teacher of English. I like this job. When I was a little girl I dreamed to be a teacher. And this dream came true. In the past, I worked for a Korean company as a secretary and an interpreter. They offered me a good salary but I refused and chose the teaching job. As a teacher, I have more time for the family and in general it is a respectful job. I had time to take care of my son when he was a baby. I have time to look after him and teach him when he goes to school. Now, at the age of 34, I decided to live independently. A really difficult decision but I did it. This sentence brings me to what my friend said to me: Life is full of surprises. No one who knows me can believe that I made that decision. So surprising to them. Because they do not know that I really had a very long time asking myself: stay or go. So far, my decision is right. I do not know what my future will be but I think it will be better. I tell myself to go ahead whatever happens as long as you feel happy. LIVE WITHOUT REGRET, LIFE IS CHOICE AND FULL OF SURPRISES ahead of me.