Saturday, May 2, 2009

A long public holiday

This year we have a very long public holiday, 4 days from 30th April to 3 May. I intended to travel to Hochiminh City with the family but I could not. On 30th, we went to Vincom, looking around and had lunch on the fifth floor. My son bought a lego toy and I bought something womanly. On 1st May, I went to the book store in downtown, reading free of charge and bought some English books for my son. On the way home, I went shopping for food. Today, I got up quite early, at 5.45. I hung clothes, had breakfast, made a cup of coffee and sat at the table in the mini kitchen, faced the balcony and tried to finish the novel 'Loneliness in the Net'. The more I read the more I found myself in the story: the same feelings as the two main characters. Maybe I am really romantic and sensitive. Smile smile smile. Mission completed at after 9 am. Then I took my son for a walk around Hoan Kiem lake, enjoying the fresh air, the peace and the nature there. We stopped at 3 places: a book store to buy Conan stories, a boutique to buy nail polish and a cafe-restaurant to have a pizza. Luckily, the weather today is not as bad as two days before: a bit sunny, a bit windy and a bit cloudy. We finished the walk before noon. On the way home, I did not forget to buy 5 more Conan stories for my son. (He gets addicted to this series of stories after Doremon. He even draws a picture of Conan detective). I also called by the beauty salon to have my nails trimmed and polished. I should be ready for the next working week. Wow, another non-working day is passing.