Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drinking tea: my new taste

Drinking tea is a tradition/culture in Vietnam, especially in the North. Before we start conversations we often offer our guests tea. But honestly I did not like drinking tea much (however, sometimes, I drink tea from tea bags) until recently. When I started working as a freelance interpreter for a programme, I got to know more about tea. The reason is the programme gets involved in tea sector value chain. I have a chance to see tea gardens and how to process tea. I got some tea packets from my 'boss' and from my 'business trips'.:-) And I decided to try my new way of drinking tea, loose tea.

I have bought a tea set long time ago, but have never used it. Still on the top of my bookcase. Anh, my consultant, does not like tea made in a ceramic pot. He consisted on buying a nice glass teapot for me. We spent time looking for it but failed. Finally I saw one glass teapot made in Japan on a shelf in Fivimart and took it. It was him to guide me how to make good tea: not too strong and one serving a pot. When I pour the tea into my cup, the colour is so beautiful.

Now, I am not only addicted to instant coffee but also high quality tea (also labeled Fair Trade - new concept to many Vietnamese people). And I have up to two very nice tea pots and so many tea boxes including these three. Some more are in cupboards. One pot for one cup and one for two cups :-). If you come to visit me, surely you will be invited to enjoy tea with me: sitting on a comfortable sofa in a cozy living room, drinking "luxury tea" made in a "luxury pot" poured into "nice" cups and offered by "charming" lady. Don't be confused, "lady" here refers to me.:-)