Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saving money

These days people are talking a lot about price increase. Price increase means that we should save money as much as we can, work a bit more, reduce needs, try to do things yourself instead of "outsourcing', etc.

I change myself a bit, just a bit, to adapt to the 'policy' of saving. Why a bit? Easy to answer. I have a simple lifestyle already. :-) Simple but still comfortable. I opt for the 'philosophy' of just buying things I really need and things of high quality, within my budget. I read on the internet about how to save money. They give a list of around 109 ways. I check my ways of saving money and I realize I do almost the same as they suggest.

I decide to work one more morning, Saturday morning (earn some money and kill lonely time if any). I decide to wash my hair at home (massage my head better) more often than at the hairdresser's. I decide to cycle to pick up my son instead of riding my Attila (save petrol and increase exercise for both mum and son). I decide not to have new clothes (because I still have so many nice ones, some of them were made last year but I haven't worn them once). Luckily I don't have to cut down on food and I don't have intention of doing it. :-) Why not? Easy to answer too. We eat not much and usually cook enough to eat.

Even I have some minor changes, my lifestyle is still considered "satisfactory". We are going to travel to Sapa on public holiday (29 April - 2 May), which is one of so many examples. :-)