Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nasty weather

I thought coldness of the winter had gone. I put away Bob's leather blanket a couple of weeks ago. But in the last few days Hanoi has been experiencing another bad weather: cold (9 degrees) and showering/drizzling. Unusual in mid-March, when summer is coming. Not comfortable at all travelling in such bad weather from home to work on a scooter. In addition, it makes the clothes hanging on the balcony not well-dried. I have to use the heater to dry them. Anyhow, we are still lucky when living in the middle of the sky :-), the floor does not sweat at all. People are easy to get tired and bored or even sick when humidity is too high. According to a weather forecast it will be sunny this weekend. Hope the forecast is accurate - we are going away this Sunday. Not fun at all if it rains.