Sunday, February 20, 2011

Palm lines

I don't know anything about reading palms. But other people can read us on the basis of our palm lines such as our life, our love, our study, etc. I did not know that not many people have the same palm lines until recently. But here there are twins. :-) Anh and em hands.

One day we realized that we have more or less the same palm lines (or we claim to have). It is a minor discovery but we feel so happy with that. We believe there must be a connection between us, between those who have something in common. We think we should take photos. After some delays we made it with Nokia N8 some days ago. Not intentionally but the way we put our hands next to each other was so sweet.

In life, we may touch so many other hands. However, there are some hands we will remember. Hope my hands will not be easy to forget.