Saturday, February 19, 2011

Men's jobs

In a film I watched on TV long time ago somebody said that war was men's job. In reality, there are so many other things which are considered to be men's jobs. And in a household women expect their husband/partner to do some typically manly jobs namely 'winning bread', teaching children not only academic subjects but also teaching boys how to be real men like his father :-), buying/fixing/repairing furniture and electrical appliances, painting the wall, 'xe om' for wife (only), buying presents/flowers for wife (only) on special occasions, carrying heavy things, etc...

And recently I myself realized that it is possible for me, a little woman, to do one or two men's jobs, not as well as men of course, but OK. Sounds as if I am too proud of myself. NO. ;-) I just want to show off some jobs I did not use to do but I do now.

First of all, my 'mini babylon garden'. I planned to create it when I got some orchids. After Tet, I bought some plants including a rose and a lime tree and put them in four empty pots and filled them with some soil I dug from a park near my building. Then a garden has appeared on the tiny balcony. Good news: no plants unhappy so far.

Second, aquarium. We have an aquarium, but a month before Tet I think the only fish left us. I let the aquarium empty for a while. Suddenly, I decided to raise some fish. 5 couples of fish. Then a wallpaper to make the aquarium nice. From the front, you can not see the electricity system in the back. I moved one more step: buy some plastic plants. Anh said fish needed some plants to hide and create their territories. As a result, really nice colourful fish swimming up and down, left and right in a lively place. Eye catching.

Next, lighting in the flat. Honestly, I don't know much about electricity and I am afraid of electricity shock. But I changed some lights. I brought a dead light to life again and filled two empty holders full. :-)

One more thing: mirror in the bathroom. There was no mirror for quite a long time. Finally I did something. We bought two sets (400k dongs in total) but they did not fit (even shop assistants told us the set was similar to the old one). We changed our approach: having a mirror made. The new one cost us 230k dongs. It looks fine now. The life lesson is so expensive for me.

For men, these jobs are trivial, nothing. But for me, really a hard attempt. Simply, I think I should not leave things in the flat useless and I should make them alive. Good living environment has positive influence on you. So I gave it a try. Congratulations to me!!!

BUT, from the bottom of my heart, I wish I will not have to do these things in the future. I am not lazy or I do not mind doing it. It will be better if ...