Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulips happy again

In the last two days I have been feeling a bit unhappy about my pot of tulips. As I said in the previous entry, it cost a lot of money, 40k dongs/tulip, but a day after I brought them home, some of them not not fresh any more. I picked three dead ones off and 4 hanging. But now after careful attendance, they are fresh and up gain. (Perhaps I made a big mistake when I thought 3 tulips died). I bought a spray bottle to water orchids and tulips. I hope they will last for another three or four days. Their leaves are not much green.

Today Hanoi is warmer, 17 degrees at the moment I am writing my blog. My lilies blossom, making the living room sweet smelling. By the way, I would like to show my "babylon garden" and lilies in my beautiful living room. :-) :-) :-) I think I should have some more plants and flowers on the balcony after Tet.