Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Preparation for the trip to Hue

I must say that organizing a tour is a headache and time consuming. I really have no experience in this field.
I thought I had travelled enough this year ( in March I went to Thailand for 3 days, in June to HCMC and Mekong Delta for 9 days and to Cua Lo for 3 days). No reason for grumbling about little travelling any more. But my friend encouraged and supported me to make use of the summer vacation to explore my country, to the places I have never been but I have heard of a lot. This time I chose Hue and I invited my mother, who is 70 years old, to join us. We can get there by train, by car or by plane. But my choice is by plane. Of course it is the most expensive but the most convenient. And I would like my mum to have a chance (her first chance) to travel by air. Four necessary and important things for the pleasant trip are done: air tickets, budget, hotel reservation and travelling programme. Perfect. Honestly, I don’t have to do much (how lucky I am). Just CHOOSE where to stay and what to see (but choosing is also tiring :-). We are now looking forward to the day we fly to Hue, next Monday.
(The above photo was taken on the day we decided to travel to Hue. A happy day for me)