Friday, July 10, 2009

Entrance exams finish

The entrance examinations to our university have just finished. They are divided into two periods. Period one (3,4,5 th July): students do tests belonging to Group A: Math (180 minutes), Physics (90 minutes) and Chemistry (90 minutes). Period two (8,9, 10th July) : students do tests belonging to Group C: Literature, History and Geography, each lasts for 180 minutes, and tests belonging to Group D: Math (180 minutes), Literature (180 minutes) and a foreign language (English in our university) (90 minutes). On examination days supervisors have to get up early. I myself got up at 5 am this year's exams. It is really tiring not doing anything during the tests but give examination papers, sign the papers and keep an eye on students. Easy to fall asleep if the weather is cool (luckily I have never fallen asleep because I drink coffee but sometimes yawn) and terribly exhausted if it is sunny and hot (for example, yesterday afternoon I sweated a lot). Finally, they were over today. We have our summer holiday, officially from this afternoon.