Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to Thailand

I went to Thailand for three days from 7 to 9 March with my friend. I have never been to Thailand before. So the trip brought me some experiences that I cannot forget. I did not have to do anything before the trip: no booking air tickets, no making room resevations, no changing money into Baht, no calling a taxi to the airport. What I did before travelling was to pack my suitcase and take some medicine to prevent me from being carsick and airsick. I think I was spoiled.

My flight took off at 10.45 but I left for the airport quite early, at 8 am in case I got stuck in traffic jams. It took me about an hour to get to Noi Bai, and another hour to check in and go through the passport control. Finally, I was onboard, sitting next to the window. We flew with Thai Airways. I found the colors of seats impressive, typically Thai. They were the colors of orchids. The flight attendants were goodlooking and helpful. The food was OK. Nothing to complain about this airways. But I had a problem with my ears when the plane took off and landed. My friend explained the problem to me and tried to help me deal with the air pressure change. After about one and a half hour we arrived in Bangkok. The name of the airport was quite long. In fact, I did not remember it. It was hot, about 35 degrees. The sun shone during my stay there. Lucky me. The airport was so big. After getting out of the terminal, we caught a public taxi to our hotel in a busy shopping area. The road from the airport to the downtown was wide and no traffic jams at all. However, in the city, you had to wait as long as 5 minutes at the traffic lights. On the way to the hotel, I found so many high rise buildings, which reminded me of Jakatar. And when I was nearly exhausted because of the airsick and carsick, we arrived at our hotel, a five star one which was near shopping malls. My first day in Bangkok started.

We changed clothes and went out to tour the city. Luckily, my friend knew this city very well, so we had no difficulty finding shopping malls or using public transport in Bangkok. We went to some expensive malls. They sold famous brand products there. I bought a bottle of perfume, Elizabeth Arden, in one of those malls. We used Skytrain to travel from one mall to another. In Hanoi, there was not this kind of transportation. I learned to buy tickets and use them. This was a new thing to me. In the evening, we went to a restaurant on top a building. The sky was clear and the moon shone brightly. It was so exciting to look at the city by night from the height. Bangkok was beautiful in the evening. And so wonderful, so romantic to sit under the moonlight, talk and enjoy the food. My friend said that it was one of the most expensive restaurants. Wow, it was worth visiting. Then we visited the Night Market.

My second day in Bangkok was started with a big breakfast on the fourth floor of the hotel. I could not find Vietnamese food (of course not) except rice soup. So I tried rice soup and some other dishes and a glass of kiwi fruit juice and a cup of coffee. Then I made a call to my son in Hanoi. After that, we visited the Grand Palace. It was really really hot.We travelled by Skytrain to the pier where we caught a boat to the Palace. The river was very clean, different from rivers in Vietnam. From the boat, I could see temples and high buildings on both of the banks. And after 30 minutes travelling on the river, we reached our destination: the Grand Palace. Although we were aware of the dress code when entering the palace, I had to borrow one shirt to cover my shoulder ( I was wearing a dress without sleeves which we thought it was OK). You can see in my photo above how strange my clothes were. We walked around the palace with a lot of other tourists. And I had my photos taken there a lot. We stayed until after noon. We took a taxi back to downtown. Unfortunetly, the taxi driver could not speak English, so he took the wrong road. When we saw a sign of the metro station we asked him to stop and we took the underground. It was also the first time I travelled underground. We got off at a shopping mall and went to a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. I had a wonderful lunch there. Then we went back to our hotel for a nap. At four, we went to the pool. And shopping again. I bought my favorite brand handbag: Bonia. In Hanoi, you can buy Bonia products in Vincom, Trang Tien and Parkson. In Bangkok, it was not popular. My friend had to google it on the internet first. Finally, we found Bonia in a very small corner of a big shopping mall. In the evening, we had dinner in three places. In the first restaurant, we had mineral water, no food. In the second restaurant, beer and canberry juice. In the third restaurant, Chinese food.

My last day in Bangkok started early. We woke up at 5.30. After breakfast, we went to the photo shop to have photos developed. We went to another shopping mall, where I bought my last souvenir: Triumph. Then we drank Starbucks coffee. It was delicious. The first time I drank this coffee was in Jarkata and now the second time. I tried Caramel. I hope in the near future Starbucks coffee will appear in Hanoi. Oh, we also visited a mall which they sold a lot of computers and softwares. After shopping, we had lunch in Miss Saigon restaurant and went back to the photo shop to pick up the photos and came back to the hotel to check out. At 2 pm, we left for the airport. The trip finished.