Sunday, March 29, 2009

Khanh Linh's birthday

Tomorrow is my niece's birthday. But her parents (my sister and bother -in-law) invited us to the 2nd birthday party. She looks cute, lovely and active and she looks like her father very much. She can speak just a little Vietnamese, but she sounds beautifully. I think we get on well together. I like playing with her. I and my son wanted to buy a dress for her but her uncle liked to buy her a bottle of perfume as suggested by his sister. No problem. It is really wonderful to give someone the present they like. (In this case, my niece's mother felt happy with the present.) We bought a bottle of eau de toillete for children. After picking up my son at the art class we went to my niece's flat, where my family used to live. We had lunch there. And then, we had desserts with cake and fruit. And the big family sang the birthday song to wish her a happy birthday.
No one took a camera so no beautiful pictures of my niece were taken. I just remembered my Nokia could take photos. So I took it out of my handbag and asked my husband to take this photo of us: my niece and me. She was holding and playing with a cherry from the cake, and did not do a 'model' job. No one could make her look at the 'camera' and smile.