Thursday, February 26, 2009

My private class at home

I have 3 private English classes: one in a company and two at home. My company class is learning the book Market leader, level Elementary. My home classes are doing a course on TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication. I would like to talk about my teaching at home.
I teach at home in a room on the fourth floor. The room has got some tables and desks, enough for 10 students. My mother-in-law bought those tables and chairs for my father-in-law's classes. He used to teach at Hanoi National Economic University and he had classes at home, too. He is retired, now. So I can use them for my classes.
This is a photo of my dear students. They learn on Monday and Thursday. They study very hard and they are ambitious. Their major is finance. I taught them at university when they were second year students (now third year). I think I made a good impression on them when teaching them. As a result, one day in September 2008, the group met me and asked me to help them study English. OK. I have one more opportunity to earn money. They are so nice: go to class on time, interested in studying and 'treat' the teacher well. They bought me flowers, a small handbag and a big cake on Teacher's Day. In return, I try my best to help them study and get high results. And then, one of these students recommended me to her friends. I have one more class. And then another student recommended me to her room mate, who is also a student at my university. The new class will start in March. Not too bad. But the biggest problem here is the quality of the lessons. I have to be more responsible. I am not allowed to waste the students' money. Above all, I can not make them disappointed.