Friday, February 6, 2009

A new friend

I have got a Skype account and built up a short list of contacts. I think the 2 main reasons why I have not many contacts are: I do not want to search for contacts to add to the list and my friends often use Yahoo Messenger or chatroom (I myself have never used them and find chatting with strangers a waste of time). I remember my husband opened the first account for me a long time ago when I used the desktop. Then he uninstalled Skype, maybe because he wanted to prevent the computer from viruses. I managed to install it again and opened my account. Sometimes when I have nothing to do, I sign in and chat with the people contacted me. One of these people is whom I decided to write about. Before talking about this friend, I want to emphasize that I just chat with most of the contacts once or twice, then stop (no time to chat, really, and no interest in chatting). But this friend is an exception (more than once or twice).
As usual, when a person sends me a greeting message when I am offline, I often reply when online again. He sent me a message saying that he wanted to make friends. He found the sentences I wrote about myself in the profile touching, so he decided to send a message to me. And I sent him a message when I was online but he was offline at that time. I did not pay any attention to the exchange of the messages. In fact, it was just for fun. But one day we both were online. We talked to each other. I knew that he was from Holland. When he mentioned his country I told him I thought of windmills, tulips, dams and dikes, football and famous footballers I like (but I don't like the Holland football team). I also showed him how to pronounce my first name Quyen. It sounds like the English word queen, but it is also easy to be pronounced like 'quen'. And in Vietnamese, quen means forget. In fact, I just wanted to make fun when showing him that. He said he never forgot me. Since then he has called me queen. Oh, a typical sentence made by men.
Of course, we continue to contact each other whenever we are online and when I am in the mood for chatting. And we find that we have several things in common.The most noticeable one is we both speak English as a second language (smile). That is why we can talk open and straightforward what we may find difficult to talk in our mother tongues. Knowing English is an advantage.