Thursday, February 5, 2009

A trip to a friend's village

His name is Nam. He is my husband's business partner. He is the director, and my husband is the deputy. They used to work for Ebara company. Mr. Nam lives in Ha Dong Town. On Sunday, 1 Feb he invited the whole company to his house in a village, about 4 km from Ha Dong, to have a Tet party. His family's house is newly-built. It looks nice and very clean. It is situated in a very quiet village, on the bank of Day River. The house has got a traditional design. It is made of bricks, tiles and a lot of wood. The furniture matches the house. That means the owner, Mr. Nam's father, has a good taste. Moreover, I know that he is very rich and successful, maybe one of the richest and most successful man in this village. He only goes to the house twice a week.
We had hotpot there and visited some staff's houses in the same village. We went back home at 3 pm.