Monday, February 23, 2009

Home alone

My parents-in-law go to Quy Nhon for about one month. They set off on 19 Feb. My husband also goes on business to Ca Mau for a week. He flew on Sunday 22nd. So I am staying at home with my son now.
My parents in law reminded me not to forget to water the plants and to feed the two birds and the gold fish. I always do that when they are away.
On Saturday, I decided to do the housework. The first thing I did was to clean the kitchen. It is often messy when my mother-in-law is at home. I may be a bit stricter to say that she is not well-organized. It took me about one hour to throw away the remaining food and clean the dinning table. I don't mind doing that but I know when she comes back she continues to put everything on it, which makes me so disappointed and not want to clean up. The second thing was to clean the bird cages and feed the birds. So dirty. If I did not do that, nobody would. I finished doing the chores by 8.30 p.m. Tired.
On Sunday, I took my son to the art class as usual. It was a bit wet and cloudy. On the way home, we ate lunch at KFC. my son's favourite fast food restaurant. In the afternoon, I had a headache. I took some panadols and slept until 2 pm. I was in bed and did not get out until 5 pm. In the evening, I had to do some work until after midnight.
While I am home alone, it is a bit busy. I still work full time. However, I can manage my own life. That is what I always always always long for.
Today, while I was checking my summer clothes ( I am a bit fatter, so I am afraid my old summer clothes do not fit me any more), my son took this photo of me. He sometimes likes taking photos of his picture stories, his toys and his mother. He said that: 'Mummy. You are a teacher. So why are you so fashionable and graceful?' So funny. In fact, I want to be smart in my son's eyes.