Sunday, March 4, 2012

Redecorating the flat

"Are you happy?" "No" "Do you want to be happy?" "Yes" "Change something". And we decided to change "something". Something in my case is my bedroom and my study. In the photo, I am in my 'new' study with a different background painting. It took me 3 days to rearrange the flat. Tiring work. But the result is perfect. My brother and cousin came to give me a hand with moving some furniture. I bought some artificial flowers to put in some places to make the flat nicer (However, I prefer fresh flowers). On special occasions, fresh flowers will appear in the living room.

I read somewhere that your living place reflects your life (and your personality). A nice, neat and cozy place makes you you feel happy. I once said to my friends that I did not have a house/flat but I have a home. I hope that a little change in the flat will make it "homer" and will bring me more happiness.