Thursday, March 8, 2012

Born to be a woman

By incident I was born to be a woman. Emotional, romantic, caring, always thirsty for loving and being loved, proud, jealous and lack of practicality :-).

I like caring for my family. I want to do housework myself and always do it as well as I can. Home must be nice: cozy and clean and well-organized. Meals must be simple and cooked from fresh ingredients. I do not belong to the kind of women who like cooking too many complicated dishes - so pity. My three sisters and two sisters-in-law are better cooks than me. Whenever we have parties or family gathering they are chefs.

As a mum, I am proud to say that I spent a lot of time with him when he was a little child. I did not work much to earn money but stay home to look after him. During his early years, I did not have much savings. I like picking up him from his kindergarten. Really happy when I saw his smiling face at the end of his school day. And in my eyes, my son is the best. Now my son is a teenager, he is quite independent, so I have more free time for myself.

In love, I used to be faithful. But I made a mistake. I demanded to be number one in my partner's eyes. I set some limits I did not want him to go beyond. I thought my love for him was enough to keep him with me. I am wrong. Sometimes we can keep a man's body by our side but we can not keep his soul and heart. I explained what I wanted and what I wished. Nothing was taken serious. We can share so many things in life but there are some things we can not. Selfish. And I stepped out of a love which used to be fancy in my friends' opinion.

Life still goes on without you wanting or not. Love comes and goes, which is natural. As a woman, I can not resist my destiny: happy and unhappy tears still remain in my life. Love and pain and loneliness and love in my life ...Is it natural? I was born to be a woman, and have to live to the end of a woman's life.