Saturday, November 20, 2010

Teachers' Day

Happy Teachers' Day!

Today is Vietnamese Teachers' Day. I got greetings and flowers, which make my living room more beautiful. Truly, I have only two vases, so some flowers just stay with me for some short moments. Pity.

I got an invitation from my old students who I taught English at home year ago to have dinner. They graduated and got jobs. They wanted to show their thank to two special teachers: English and Finance. But I could not attend. Anyhow I feel happy and feel for them too.

And of course I was treated a romantic lunch. I forgot to take a photo.:-)

What else happened to me today? I got a new cupboard for my tiny kitchen with support from my two brothers. I called my second brother ans asked him to order it for me in a shop near his house. Then my first brother, a truck driver, transported it here for me. It is really what I need to prevent things from dust in dry weather in Hanoi. It will be easier for me to keep the kitchen as well as other rooms in this nice flat clean.

I will end today with watching a film, lazy on the sofa, and then playing some music.