Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nice Sunday

This morning, my department organized a open meeting about how to teach and learn English well at our university. The agenda said we started at 9 am but could not do that until 9.30. But it was acceptable because today Sunday. Everybody should relax after a hard working week. After talking we had buffet. And we left for home at around 1 pm.

I did not go straight, anyhow. I went around Hoan Kiem Lake with my boyfriend. The weather was so nice, almost end-of-autumn weather. We did not stroll downtown for a long time. He was too busy as a travelling consultant. We missed so many Sundays. :-) We stopped for a drink at three places. So wonderful moments around the lake. Peaceful, relaxing and full of emotions. I wish I could have more such spectacles. He took some photos of me from his new mobile phone. I think the photos are high-quality: the main character and the surrounding.:-) Look and judge yourself.

And tonight Bob continued to study English. We try to make it as a habit. Luckily he likes studying it. Maybe he inherits that passion from his mother. Today he completed the first lesson of Module 1 (the programme has got 8 modules) more than 80%. As a result, he could do Mastery test and got 91%. And study score is 5 (From 5 to 12: Excellent. Grade A). Not bad. It also means that he studies efficiently. I feel my hard work is compensated. Recently he got mark 10 for a 15-minute English test.