Saturday, November 27, 2010

Short term separation

Anh goes on a business trip again... This time, more than a week... Still know that communication technology helps us to keep in touch but I couldn't prevent some tears in the corner of my eyes. "Em, don't cry."

I have known him for a long time and not too surprised at all when he tells me about his plan. Honestly, before every trip, I still cry. He always holds me and says "I'll be back." Far and close, close and far, away and back, back and away. In his life, business trips are normal like a teacher's life, marking papers. His job brings him to so many countries in the world. I once teased him that he is like a bird, flying to a lot of new places. In the morning he is in one country, and in the afternoon in another. I am really jealous :-). But of course I can't travel like that.

I wish him in a faraway place (which I can only know via the Internet and books and where there is no me) a nice and successful trip and want to remind him that here in Hanoi a little woman always looks forward to welcoming him back...