Thursday, November 11, 2010


A special day for me. I decided to meet him in person on 11.11. I didn't think that he would become so special to me at that time. I still remembered sending him a message to say that I was in mood for coffee. And then we arranged to meet in Highlands Coffee House in Vincom around noon. I chose that location because it was quite near my university and an elegant place. Until later I didn't know that romantic people like meeting in cafe. :-) Am I romantic?

I was wearing a brown sweater with two white hearts on the front and a pair of white trousers. And he was wearing a yellow short-sleeved shirt and light trousers too. Easy to recognize us for the first time. We drank coffee and chatted. In general, we had a good time. I can't forget the way he looked at me when I came to the table. He arrived first. I thought he was a bit "surprised".:-) Gradually we become friends and love each other. Since when? I don't know.

I myself had never thought that my heart would tremble again before a man... Never... But life contains so many surprising and unexpected things in it. Even now I don't understand why I can fall in love with him. But I am sure that I feel so lonely without him and whenever I think one day we depart I feel so sad.

Today, he can't be in Hanoi to celebrate our anniversary. I did it with my son. We came to the old place and sat in the cafe. My memory came back. Around noon, two persons met... It was another turning point in my life.