Friday, January 23, 2009

Tet holiday

I am a teacher, so my Tet holiday is so long, from January 17 to February 8. I just stay at home ( I mean no going away), doing some housework and going out to watch others shopping for Tet and to feel the Tet/spring atmostphere. The weather was so nice: dry, sunny, not too cold. But today is different: cold and drizzly, a typical spring weather.

Mr. Hung, my older brother, presented me a branch of dao flowers. He said he bought it in the moutainous province. He couldn't give it to me in person because he is busy now with transporting goods. He is a driver. My other older brother, Mr. Thang, was responsible for the delivery. I put it in a waste basket ( I have no vase which is big enough to put the branch in) and on the balcony, in front of the door. So, I can see it every day from inside my room. It has got a lot flowers. The flowers are not pink and they do have a lot petals, like dao in Hanoi and neighbouring provinces. They still look beautiful and wild. The branch reminds me of my dear brothers.

Two days ago, I went to a flower and bonsai markets in Nghi Tam and Au Co Roads. They sold a lot of kinds of flowers for Tet: mandarin orange trees, dao flowers, roses, gladiolus, daisy, orchids, apricot blossom and bonsai. So beautiful. The most expensive was orchids. I found a cluster of orchids at a price of 15 million dongs, wow, my distant dream. I bought 5 violet tulips. The colour is so beautiful. I put them on the window sill and water them twice everyday. My friend said that tulips need lots of water. That means it is not too difficult to look after this kind of flowers.