Friday, January 23, 2009

My son

This is my son. His name is Nguyen Minh Anh. His nick name is Bob. He was born in 1999. Now he is in Grade 4. He likes watching Disney Channel and playing with Lego. He is good at arts. He studies arts at Children's Palace near Hoan Kiem Lake, once a week. He started studying there when he was 5 years old, twice a week in summer holiday and once a week during the school year. He has won several prizes for his paintings (of course some money). I hope when he grows up, he can become an architect or an artist. Bob also likes reading stories, especially Doremon. I bought him a collection of 45 Doremons. He reads them again and again. He remembers the name of each story. His aunt challenges him by reading some lines and asking him which story the lines are from. He tells her the name exactly. I love my son and feel very proud of him.