Sunday, April 21, 2013

One month in our new flat

Today is one month I have lived in our new flat. In general, everything has been settled except our new real wood doors which will be installed by the end of this month. After that some paint will be put on some parts of the wall where I had repairs. As I expect, the flat will be completely finished in mid-May. I realize that moving in is one story but settlement is another. It takes a lot of time, money and energy to make the flat home, to make it function as well as I wish. There were moments I felt so irritated with settlement and somebody had to suffer. :-(

Although we thought very much about where to put things based on our floor plan but in reality we had to change several times to get the best arrangement. I intended to put some plants on the balcony and hang some flower pots but not feasible because there are 3 hot units of air conditioners on the balcony wall. More sockets or not? Cable on or in the wall? Lamps or not? Plants inside? Lots of consideration and discussion before we found solutions to our concerns and the flat is home now. It is ready to welcome visitors.