Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New home

Finally my dream of having a home has come true. I moved into my new flat on 21st March 2013.  It is not very large but I feel really comfortable and cozy and I am happy to live in my own flat although from now part of the money I earn will be used to pay the loan from the bank and friends. It takes me at least 5 years to settle all the debts. I hope I can do it.

Because the flat belongs to me, I spent so much money on it, to make it home. As a result, some 'safes' have reduced the 'size' :-). My friend warned me that moving in cost a considerable amount of money and reality proved it right.

What touched my heart is that my family cared for me and gave me a hand with moving in: my mum, my brothers and sisters-in-law. They did not mind travelling a long distance to my place and carried my things from my rental flat to my new flat. Someone said I was so lucky to have the family around. Yes, I am lucky in this aspect :-).

I have been lived here for 2 weeks and there is still some work to finish,  some final touches to make the flat complete and perfect in my eyes. But for the time being I can enjoy the feeling of being home.