Saturday, April 27, 2013

Long public holiday 2013

This year, Victory Day and Labor Day fall on Tuesday and Wednesday so the state lets the people have Monday off and we have to work on the next Saturday to compensate. Plus the weekend, we have 5 days in total off. What a good chance for employees to have a break. Some travel, some visit hometown and some have a holiday at home. I belong to the last group: home holiday taker :-). Easy to feel bored with 5 days at home. That is why I try to keep myself a little busy.

Day 1: marking test papers (2 packages) + trying making cookies
Day 2: teaching little students + marking papers (1 package)
Day 3: going out + marking papers (1 package)
Day 4: having the new doors installed + cleaning up
Day 5: doing whatever I think of + relaxing