Friday, April 6, 2012

Hard working

These days I have been sitting too much at the desk in the study. Working, working and working. Deadline, deadline and deadline. I try my best to finish all the work I am am responsible for in semester 2 before 10 April, so that I can contribute my time to my distance learning course which starts soon. I was feeling so happy towards the deadline I set for my self when I got another duty from the university this morning and deadline is 20 April. Troi oi. :-( So many things have to be done. Truly, I look forward to my long summer holiday.

I have just given up an afternoon class. I taught it for a teacher in my group. After 6 Fridays I felt I was not fit enough to work whole day at university. I convinced her to come back teaching. And I was successful.

I have promised with myself that I would not work full day. But sometimes I do not keep my promise :-). I want to help my colleague and I want to increase my income a bit although that small contribution to my income is not enough for me to buy new clothes.