Friday, January 20, 2012

Get ready for Tet 2012

January 2012 is quite busy for me. My holiday in Da Nang, my son's birthday, my preparation for Tet and preparation for Bangkok vacation.

After Da Nang trip, I continued to work until 14 January. Very comfortable teaching because this semester I teach 3 classes of first year students and 3 classes of TOEIC.

As a teacher I have a long Tet holiday, 3 full weeks. I have a lot of time to prepare for a simple Tet and get ready for the trip abroad. I made a shopping list and went shopping in Fivimart where I have a membership card with a discount of 5 %. For Tet, I still wish to buy some fresh vegetables and some flowers. My sister in law promises to present me two square cakes and one chicken :-)... I also attended my friend's late birthday party. Always funny when gathering with friends. Then I had my motorbike serviced as well. Good to do it. I need to travel around on the New Year's Day and the second day. About Bangkok trip, I have made the programme and got the budget. I checked the weather there, fine summer weather is waiting for us. Bob has got his first suitcase. It is a good brand because I want to invest in long-term things :-). I hope the trip is going to be fine. And I really look forward to it.