Thursday, December 4, 2014

Home decoration

Suddenly I become addicted to interior decoration :-). A hobby takes time, energy and money :-). I saw some websites about architecture and design and I decided to update the flat.

First of all, buy some indoor plants to display in every room. These plants are thought to purify the air and make the flat connected to nature. Honestly, some plants are happy but some are not and I have to say goodbye to those which could not survive in my home.

Second, decorate the dining table. Some fresh flowers in small glass bottles. I wanted to have a Coca Cola bottle. Unluckily, shops just sell plastic. They recommended me to buy in restaurants. I went there and paid some extra money to get such a nice sexy bottle.

Third, improve the coffee table and sofa with some old and new things. Books, candles, and shells are my choice. I got some sand from my brother's place to make the bowl of shells more "sea" :-).


Next, change the container for my old artificial roses. They used to be in a wood vase. I bought to baskets to put them in now. In my eyes, these baskets make a big difference. I like them.

And finally, hang some paintings (my son painted), some black and white photos I liked, some photos of my son in childhood and some nice famous saying I asked my son to write in A3 papers for me.  of course some Christmas things to welcome that foreign holiday and New Year 2015 when I will be 40 years old :-).

Thanks to teachers' long break at my university, I have plenty of time for my flat. :-)