Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life is full of surprises

When I am in London, I am going to see "The Phantom of the Opera". The selection of the musical turns out to be a nice surprise to me. First, I was promised to be taken to the theater, a must-do thing when we visit London. Then I was given a list of so many interesting musicals. Wow, what to choose when I have no experience. Some of the musicals have film versions already and I watched them. So I chose "The Phantom of the Opera". At the moment I chose it, I just based on my own teaching experience. Somewhere in my English book, they mentioned the name. So let;s give it a try. But I did not know anything about the content. I guessed it had something relating to ghosts, scaring things. After we made the final decision and the tickets were booked.I thought I should read about the musical. What I needed to do was just to open my Tab. To my surprise, nothing scary in the musical. It turns out to be a love and mystery story. And immediately I fall in love with the theme song "The Phantom of the Opera". I watched it on youtube again and again. I must be really more interesting when I watch it live... Looking forward to that.