Thursday, November 15, 2012

Litle vegetable gardens

When there is more and more news about 'dirty' and 'dangerous' meat, vegetable and fruit, and when a piece of land is equivalent to a piece of gold in cities, such self-catering little gardens are not rare. Even they grow vegetables on the balcony and top of of the high buildings. In general, people make use of space and ground available in their neighbourhood to   grow their own vegetables. These are gardens in my neigbourhood, on the edge of a big lake. Luckily for those who have stayed here for a long time and luckily for those who live in villas. It is easy for them to 'occupy' empty lots of land and make them their gardens. I saw some old ladies watering vegetables and picking weeds. Perhaps, this is also their retirement hobby, "gardening". So peaceful.