Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Battery for Hp ProBook 5220m

This the photo taken on 12 September 2012, my laptop and its original battery. On that day my HP ran out of battery and it refused to charge. I found later that the battery needed changing. But not easy for me to buy new batteries for HP in Hanoi because my laptop seems to be 'abnormal' :-). My friend bought it for me in Bangkok. After failing to try to buy the battery in Hanoi I decided to use eBay for the first time. I found the battery online and I placed an order. Things went smoothly. However, I felt nervous about buying online. I told my friend that it was a new experience and that if I did not get the product as I wished I would stop using. Anyhow it is worth trying new things in life. A lot of people can buy online, why not me :-)? I ordered online and asked for home delivery but I did not dare to pay online yet. This step will be done in the future. Step by step :-) I paid for it in the eBay office on 6 Nov and today 20 Nov I got the purchase.

I immediately put it in the laptop and it worked. Phew... My ProBook 5220m becomes a nice "laptop" again, no part missing any more. Laptops must be on the lap, not always on the desk :-).