Saturday, November 19, 2011

Teachers' Day

A happy day comes to all teachers in Vietnam. My living room is full of flowers. It looks nice. This is one of the flowers I was given.

What did I do today?

Well, still teaching in the morning. My university never has a day off on Teachers' Day. And this morning I taught a class with lazy students. They have been studying for so long but most of them can communicate in English. As a teacher I feel really disappointed. They do not have a good foundation, and now teaching them ESP for third year students is really useless. But no choice. I feel relieved today because I will not teach them anymore. In the next three weeks, they do tests. They are the worst class I have ever met so far.

As soon as I got home from school I skyped with my long-distance friend. It lasted more than one hour. Really nice.

I went t my son's room and teased him by lying down next to him in his own bed and saying that i wanted to nap here. He said "No, mum. You should move to your own bed. If you are here I won't be able to sleep." He started to sleeping in his own room on 15 Nov. I moved to my bed and intended to have a nap but when I started to read the novel by a Chinese female author (I bought a long time ago) I found it interesting and as a result I forgot to sleep. :-) It is about a young woman aged 30 who experiences an unhappy first marriage and her life after her divorce. I finished 2 chapters out of 16 or so.

3.30 pm I called Mai, my close colleague and asked her when the buffet for teachers took place at university and arranged to meet each other there. 3.45 I left home. Near the gate of my main campus I had a little accident, my motorbike fell down when turning into the small lane because of some sand and gravels on the surface of the road. Some scratches on the bike. No problem with the body :-)

5 pm I was in the hall with a lot of teachers and staff listening to the principal's speech and then we had a buffet in the canteen. Good food and good chat with colleagues. After that I went back home.

And now listening to my favorite English songs and uploading my blog. A busy but pleasant day.