Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer vacation in Halong July 2011

Finally I went to Halong with my colleagues after cancelling a trip to Sapa. I went there several times. Not new destination but each time travelling there makes a different impression on me. We stayed the first night on Tuan Chau Island (exactly Peninsula because there is a road linking the mainland and the island) and the second night in the mainland, Bai Chay town. The weather was OK. Not too hot but it rained in the first evening and the second afternoon when we went back from cave-visiting. The group skipped water music show (no matter with me, I saw it in the past). The food was so so and our hotels were good. We visited a place where they make and sell pearls (in salty water). Some colleagues bought some jewellery as souvernirs.

Honestly, Halong is not a place for swimming in the sea. The water is very dirty and not much sand on the beach and waves are very low. However, it is so wonderful to be on the boat sailing in the bay and enjoying sea atmosphere and fresh seafood. After the vacation my feet's calves are very tiring, result of walking up and down the Sung Sot cave and going around shopping with my colleagues and poor me on the way home I felt a bit carsick even I took two medicine tablets. In general, my vacation was fine. Here are some photos from my Nokia.