Saturday, July 2, 2011

IT things

These days I have been busy again. After attending IT training course I learnt some new things. The most noticeable is how to use PowerPoint and I know a bit about MOODLE, which is really a good tool for e-learning and is also what our department heads for in the near future. Another good IT thing I did is to connect my Nokia to my ProBook via Bluetooth (I could not do it for a long time). And I could download Youtube videos and watch them in Free FL player. J And the first time I can use 3G USB to connect to the Internet successfully.

Besides these good hi tech things, I encounter bad hi tech things which I cannot fix myself: problems with touch pad and wireless router. Troi, very irritating. Luckily, I know a really good IT engineer. He will come on Monday to fix wireless. And I will ask him about the touch pad. If he cannot help with the pad, I have to come to HP support center in Hanoi, which I intended to do yesterday. Why not? I was sick yesterday. Headache and a bit fever.

In the world nothing is perfect but I still feel annoyed if something goes wrong and worried if it is out of my control. I always want nice things and strive for them as possible as I can. And I learn that we always learn by doing and experiencing.