Sunday, April 17, 2011

Working Sunday

What I like doing on Sunday morning is sitting at my dining table in the kitchen area facing the balcony working and listening to music. Occasionally I go out walking and drinking coffee and chatting. This morning I did so. When I walked on the park nearby the building I realized summer came. The trees and plants in the little park are green and with a lot of young leaves. Just some weeks to way, some of them will blossom, summer flowers. It is the signal of my summer vacation. A summer full of emotions... Anyhow, it is still 1.5 months to go.

After the walk we stopped at our waterfront cafe. Peaceful and comfortable place for socializing. Not many people know it because my place is a bit far away from downtown and a bit isolated. I told my friend that it was just ideal for living. I will miss living here when I have to move again. Anh told me "If you want to live here, don't move'. I wish that life would bring what we want...

I spent the whole afternoon working. Work needs managing well so that I can meet deadlines. A bank of 450 multiple choice questions has been finished. Workload is reduced but two more banks are still ahead. I will try to finish them before I go to Sapa on holiday (30 April and 1 May). I look forward to being on the train again.