Sunday, April 24, 2011


Yesterday evening, my colleague texted me and said that she was extremely bored and that she might leave her husband so that they would not be each other's headache. I guess they just had another big argument. They have been married for 4 years I think, but so many times they have argued... I did not know what to advise her but I just mentioned that we are unhappy in our marriage. I also told her that she would be very comfortable living in her own home when leaving (she is living with her family in law) but for some moments she would feel lonely. For some nights she suddenly wakes up and feels empty deep in her heart. She will have to start from scratch... It will take time to overcome it and get life balance again. She is experiencing the same situation as mine two years ago: stay or go. Hard choice she has to make. I wonder if it is right that we have a destiny/fate and that her and my destiny is that our love line must have some cracks ...Hope for the best.