Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My 'Happy Vietnamese Women's Day'

20.10 is Vietnamese women's day. That is why these days you can see in Hanoi so many flowers.
We women teachers received good wishes and bunches of flowers from students. Our staff room was full of flowers and above all we feel really happy when feeling personal and lovable and special attention from our beloved.
I was lucky to have both: "flowers and bread", and more than that. Why "flowers and bread"? A senior male teacher in my department used to say life was so wonderful if you had both flowers (for your soul) and bread (for your body). From early morning, my best friend sent me best wishes. Then my students gave me orchids and students from yesterday's class gave me a bunch of roses. And I had lunch in a nice restaurant at somebody's invitation.:-)
One thing was not good today was that I wore so simple clothes and looked so modest: no earrings, no necklace, no "luxury" dress. A colleague saw me and she said "Today you look so simple." I teased her by saying I always look simple. But of course she didn't agree with me and she said I still looked elegant. I continued my joke: yes, beautiful but not too bright. We laughed. She knew I quoted the lyrics.
I spent the rest of the happy day praticing the keyboard, cleaning the flat, putting away clothes, cooking, picking up son, learning music with tutor, helping son study and talking to my friend. Tomorrow is an important day for me.