Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family gathering

Gathering at our mum's place seems to be our family's culture. We regard it as a place to celebrate special family events. There is often a reunion of 4 generations. I think my mum is the happiest person whenever we arrive.
On Friday we gathered again to celebrate the Victory Day and Labour Day and to see my brother-in-law living in Saigon off. He was in the North for nearly a week. We had dinner together. My second sister was responsible for preparing ingredients. My sisters and sisters-in-law and I cooked. Happy time. It was also when we shared our stories. I was informed of my first sister-in-law's breast minor operation. I also experienced it about 13 years ago, 1997, and my second brother just got a certification of a short training course on Party. He is a potential Party member, following my father's step.
This photo was taken when we went downstairs to the motorbike. I was carrying some used clothes to give my sisters-in-law, who are more or less the same age and same size as mine.