Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bob's reading habit

Like other children my son is extremely interested in reading comics and children's books. I bought for him so many. His favorite books are collections of Doremon and Conan Detective.
He reads everywhere he can: on the floor, in bed, on sofa, and even in the toilet when he poos. :-) So funny. Believe or not, whenever he holds a book and runs in the flat I know for sure that he wants to poo. He reads whenever he can: after getting home from school, after doing homework, before going to bed etc.

Recently I have bought for him 7 volumes of Harry Potter. Hot books. Honestly, I have no time to read them and I am a bit discouraged because they are so thick. I heard they are interesting and suit my son's age. That is why I bought them for him. I am afraid that when he grows up a bit more, they do not appeal to him any more. At first, I thought he was not fond of them. He had never been interested in long stories without pictures. I was wrong. He spent time reading Harry and so far 5 volumes covered.
I promise to buy Greek ancient stories as soon as he finishes Harry Potter.