Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Housewarming" Party

We have lived here for more than 8 months but until today did my 3 colleagues/friends visit me and my home. We were all really busy with work and family, hardly find free time for all. We decided to have lunch at home rather than in restaurants. As a host, I went shopping in the early morning after taking Bob to school. We chose to have hot pot with chicken, so I had to prepare (not cook) ingredients in advance.
At 9.45 they came. They all had good comments on my home. I told them they could do like me, but the most important factor was courage. I showed them around a bit (just because the flat is small) and they joined me to make Russian salad and chop chicken. So funny. Doing together, chatting and laughing. Before lunch we went to explore the peninsula, admiring villas around the high rise buildings. We stopped at a corner shop to buy some soft drink: 3 different drinks for 4 people.
We started lunch with a good speech "Thanks to Mrs. Quyen's courage we have a wonderful lunch today!". We had lunch or dinner together many times but not in our living places, because we were living with family-in-law, it would not be comfortable and fun entertaining friends at home. Lunch lasted until 1.30pm. Then we sat in the living room watching a funny film together. At 3 pm, they left. And they suggested meeting here again this Tet holiday.