Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of semester 1

I do not have a class at university on Saturday, so from today I have a mid-schoolyear break/holiday until 7 Jan (not officially, my colleagues told me that). However, during the 'holiday' I have to mark students' papers and this job is really tiring and badly-paid (smile). Anyhow job done. It seems that I am a fast/effecient worker. Joking, because my colleagues often say my marking is sooooo slow. It is true. Poor me. I can not focus on this job without break. When I mark papers at home, I listen to the music in order to reduce stress.

Another thing I am going to do during the holiday is to have dinner with my colleagues in Group 1+2 (my department is divided into several groups, I am in Group 1+2) in a restaurant in Le Ngoc Han Street at 5 pm today. An end-of-semester party.

My colleagues make use of the holiday to get married. They must be fed up with their bachelor period. They decide to become grooms. Smile. I am invited to their weddings. One on Monday, Dec 21st and the other on Sunday, Dec 27th. How nice.

I and my best colleagues/friends plan to have lunch out together, but we haven't decided the date yet, because we have to wait for the exam admistration schedule. We have to choose a day when we are free.

They (my best colleagues/friends) also want to visit my place. In their eyes, it is a paradise. BIG SMILE. (What a pity that most of my colleagues live with their husband's family and most of them have big problems with in-laws. So sad.) I promise to give a house-warming party to them.

One more event during my break is that next Friday, 18th is one year that my father passed away. We gather at my mum's place to memorise him.

The last thing I will probably do in Dec is to wash my curtains. 7 months no wash. My friend thought that the dirty curtains caused my cough. (These days my health is not good. At the beginning of the week I had a terrible headache. The weather changed from cold to hot and windy. Now I cough quite a lot.) I made a promise to wash them before New Year (solar calendar).
Maybe there are other things I will do during the 3-week break...