Thursday, November 12, 2009


After changing my teaching timetable so many times, I have Thursday off work. No teaching at all. Even I suggested my students that they should learn in my place on Thursday, they refused. A full day for myself in the middle of the week. But in fact, no teaching does not mean no working. I spend the day finishing making and editting my group's end-of term tests and unit reviews or marking my students' papers. Last night, I tried my best to send the last review in order to have my Thursday today completely free.

I got up as usual because I had to take my son to school. On the way home, I went shopping and prepared food for lunch and dinner. After that, I checked my email and intended to go swimming in a pool called "4 seasons" (which means you can go swimming there for the whole year because it is indoors). But I could not swim today. I felt a headache and had to stop working on the computer. I took medicine and slept on the sofa until noon. I got up and prepared lunch and took medicine again. Then I slept on the sofa until 4 pm. I felt much better.
Time to pick up Bob at school. We went to the hairdresser's after school. My son's hair was 'long' so I wanted him to have a haircut.

When we got home, I cooked dinner. Simple but delicious. And now, sitting on the sofa and surfing the net and enjoying being lazy.

I love my Thursday.